Coconut Oil and Relaxed Hair

Hey lovelies,

The other day I was watching one of my favorite relaxed hair you-tubers and she talked about the effects of too much protein in her relaxed hair. Watching the video I was able to connect because I had the same thing happen to me before. My hair had an adverse reaction after using coconut oil on my hair for a while. Now I know coconut oil is great moisturizer for the curly girls, but if you are relaxed it can be the complete opposite. The reason being is coconut oil has a lot of protein and too much protein in the hair can cause more harm than good.

When I was using coconut oil on my hair regularly at first my hair was loving it. I started using it because I read that coconut oil is a great moisturizer, heat protectant, and in helps with hair growth.  At first my hair was doing fine, but eventually I started to notice that my ends were really dry and breaking off something terrible. I didn’t think this was from the coconut oil so I continues using it. It wasn’t until I saw someone else say that their hair didn’t like coconut oil that I figured out that was the culprit of my hair.  The coconut oil had caused protein overload on my hair.

I’m not saying that your relaxed hair does not need protein, however the protein and moisturizer should be balanced. The moment the hair has too much protein it can start to cause damage. What i did to fix this issue was to one, stop using coconut oil and two cut the damaged hair. Now you don’t have to always cut your hair to rectify this problem. The main thing to do is to restore the balance of moisture and protein by adding moisture to the hair.This can be done through deep conditioners however you want to stay away from products that are high in protein so coconut conditioners or keratin is a no no.

Like it said before your relaxed hair does need to have some protein, our  hair already has protein in it but because the hair is chemically processed we can loose protein. I would only suggest using a protein based product after relaxing or any other chemical process such as dying the hair. During this time you want to restore the hair in order to keep it healthy. Be sure to use protein based as directed. After that give the protein based products a break and focused on maintaining moisture to the hair.

Hopefully this helps those who are relaxed and trying to maintain strong healthy hair.

Peace and Love


*I am not a professional stylist*



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